Portknockie (1860)

Then I went to Portknockie. Had a very crowded meeting on Sabbath night, and the Holy Spirit came down with great power on the people. Strong young men were smitten down and became weak as water. This continued till morning, and many souls were saved. Glory be to God! I went to bed for three hours. Called a meeting after breakfast and from three to four hundred people met with me. The power of God came on man, woman, and child, and many found the Saviour. The whisky shops were shut up that day. A man who kept a public-house was convinced of sin, and when the power came on him he made a great noise. I told him he could not be saved unless he gave up selling whisky. 'I give it up,' he cried. Then the Lord saved him and he went home and pulled down his sign. I formed a Temperance Society, and above 800 signed the pledge, including the three whisky-sellers.

From 'James Turner,' by E McHardie p23

.As yet I have not heard of a single case of backsliding; although, those who ought to know better, are chuckling over the idea of their doing so—many are even laying snares and temptations in the paths of the young con­verts. Glory be to God, the work still goes on, and I have no hesitation in saying, that along this coast thousands have been brought to a saving knowledge of the truth, full of heavenly joy and love. I have no sympathy with squeamish persons who speak of the so-called extravagancies, nor with the stiff and precise who cannot see into it, nor with those who are in terror lest they be also taken, nor with those who, like their masters, are roaring with wild desperation. The Sabbath-school at the U. P. Church, Backie has increased from 50 to nearly 200; at Portessie, a Sabbath-school has been opened with 180 children. Prayer-meetings everywhere abound here and in the neighbouring villages. I should mention that Mr Turner, the prime instrument in this movement, is a man of true humility and piety; full of faith—deals faithfully with all, be they ministers, elders, or people—high or low, rich or poor—and the Lord has greatly honoured him. Nor can less be said of that truly good man, the Rev. Mr Darras, of the U. P. Church; indefatigable in his exertions, and evidently sent here by the kind hand of his Divine Master at this solemn and interesting juncture. And what a change in the town at large! Feuds and animosities done, away with—brotherly love and kindly feeling where before were anger and hatred. I forgot to mention that prostrations have taken place without coming to the U. P. Hall at all, even in private houses, without any pre-expectation; nay, more, boats' crews have come to shore in a converted state. The Spirit has come upon them while at sea, and they have knelt in prayer at the bottom of the boats. The work is also extending to the country. The Free Church in Deskford has been wonderfully honoured and visited—the Rev. Ker going heartily into the work, and the Lord daily adding to his church. At Portknockie, some­where about 900 have joined the temperance cause. Public-houses have been converted into Bethels. At Findochty, I understand that, with but few exceptions, the whole village may be said to have found the truth. At Portessie, the majority of the people are rejoicing. Port Gordon is pleading for more effects; as is also Buckie, although these two latter places have cause to greatly. There are multitudes in Buckie who have got the blessing; there are numbers of anxious inquirers, and also there are numbers who still scoff and deride. Truly the Lord has appeared in behalf of his people, who are now rejoicing after many years of dearth and spiritual destitution. Let all the people of God forever along with us, let their hearts be cheered with such glorious news; let their faith be , and, lastly, let them give praise to that sweet and hallowed name, which alone imparts peace to all his dear saints on earth."

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume II, page 102.

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The revival began here.

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