Finnieston Free Church - Glasgow (1859-1861)

Andrew Bonar was the pastor of this church. he went to Ulster to experience what was going on there. The revival seems to have begun in September with the children. Bonar reported in November that there had not been a week since September without someone coming to the Lord.

He later reported on the revival,

'The population of the district is about 4,000 and we are able to point to dwellings in every part of it in which some soul has been born again, so far as man can judge.' in the two streets nearest our church we know of fifty persons at least, regarding whom there is reason to believe that they have passed from death to life during the last three years. Last summer it was the Bible lesson in the day school that seemed to be specially owned by God to the conversion of six or seven and to the awakening of many more. One marked case of conversion resulted from discipline in the session. Some cases of apparent and satisfactory awakening have occurred in connection with the visits of elders.'

Thanks to Tom Lennie and his 'Scotland Ablaze', pages 62-3.

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