Aberdeen - James Turner (1860)

"30th May, 1860, I am still in the Master's work. On Sabbath last I spoke four times: on Monday night, I had a meeting in the North Free Church, and on Tuesday night, and this evening also, in Dr. J. C. Brown's church. On all these occasions the Spirit of God was manifestly working, and a good many have professed to find the Saviour. I have similar engagements in Aberdeen and the vicinity every night this week. We have a forenoon meeting everyday in Dr. Brown's Church at which a good few praying people and anxious enquirers are generally present. At mid-day we meet to pray for the outpouring of the Spirit. I know you will join us. Holy Spirit, descend on this city! O for a wave of converting grace!"

"The Life and Labours of James Turner," by William Robbie.

Additional Information

This building replaced North Free Church in 1905.

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