Cramond Free Church (1859)

This rural parish has been favoured with some measure of the blessing in which other places are rejoicing. Like many or most of our country parishes, its religious character has been in general cold, formal, and lifeless. For more than four months the Rev. Mr Smith, minister of the Free Church, has regularly maintained an additional service on the Sabbath evenings, with a special view to the revival of vital godliness among the people. These services have been from the first well attended, and have at last been crowned with manifest blessing. A love of prayer, and a desire to assemble together, altogether new, has sprung up and become quite general. Some weeks ago one might have inquired in vain for a prayer meeting, except an occasional one held by Mr Smith, and that very scantily attended. Now there are seven held each week. Four of these are public and the attendance overflowing; three are in private houses, without the presence of a minister. Much good is confidently looked for from these meetings. But the presence and favour of the Holy Spirit has been already signally manifested. God's people have felt an unwonted power in the preaching of the Word, and sinners have been turned to the Lord. Cases of awakening have occurred repeatedly during the last three weeks. There is no excitement, no "prostrations." Only in one instance a person screamed at the close of a meeting; others have been helped out of church in greatest distress. The convictions of sin are in some strong and deep and in some awfully sudden. Equally striking is the possession of peace and perfect assurance of salvation which has come, lighting up the very countenance. It is hoped that this is but the beginning of days for which some have earnestly longed. The pious Dr. Muirhead, the former minister, would have greatly rejoiced to see the day but was not permitted.

"The Scottish Guardian," January 21st, 1860.



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