Hume (1861)

Mr Stoddart from Kelso, began meetings here at the start of 1861. Crowds poured from all quarters and many awakenings took place. Another speaker succeeded him and reaped what Stoddart had been sewing. In that one once prayerless village a prayer meeting was established. Every Saturday evening the villages and farm labourers would meet. Stoddart said that one gentleman in the district, after attending one of these prayer meetings, said he was really unable to give expression to his feelings after hearing the prayers of these unlearned and almost unlettered man. A young farmer in the neighbourhood held two meetings weekly amongst his servants, on two of his farms. On another farm the workers met regularly every week in a loft for prayer and the reading of the word of God.

From, Tom Lennie's, 'Scotland Ablaze', page 149.

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