Kirkcaldy (1860)

Not a week passes without some weary heavy-laden souls finding rest in Christ. How cheering to witness the change produced upon those who have lately passed from death unto life.

One who remained with an anxious companion on Sabbath evening week, and had not before spoken to us, declared that at these meetings she had found peace a few weeks ago; and that now the change upon her was truly wonderful. Her countenance gave sufficient proof. Another one writes to her Sabbath School teacher: "I feel so glad that I can't express my happiness. Now we love to read the Bible, and the girls we go with are all Christians." Another one writes: "J. and I are both like sisters now in the Lord Jesus, and we are both very happy." The daily prayer meetings continue much as they were, although God's people seem still reluctant to go forth to the help of the Lord against the mighty. The other Sabbath evening meeting, conducted by Mr Fleming, continues to increase; and we trust the Lord will soon make bare His holy arm. Last night the meeting in Cowan Street was very well attended, and a deep solemnity was felt. Many were bathed in tears during the whole of Mr Cowan's address. A large number remained to the second meeting, and one in deep anxiety waited thereafter, saying, "Sir, I would see Jesus." The meetings are beginning to excite a little more attention, and parties from the neighbouring villages are beginning to seek an interest in our prayers.

The young converts have originated another prayer meeting, and the boys' meeting continues to increase. We were at one of their meetings last week and felt much refreshed. The earnest heartfelt and simple manner in which these boys pour out their hearts to God for a blessing on themselves and the town, and other meetings, is very impressive. May the Lord bless the lads. A number of private prayer meetings are starting up in various parts of the town previous to our hour of meeting that they may pray for a blessing on us when we meet so that we think there is great hope for Kirkcaldy.

30th January.

"The Wynd Journal," February 4th, 1860.

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