Whiteness - Shetlands (1864)

We are greatly rejoiced to hear that the Lord has visited Weesdale and Whiteness in Shetland with an awakening. We give a few sentences from a letter of one of the labourers, and one who is well known to us: - "When I wrote to you last I was at a loss for news, especially good news; but I am not so now. We have had an awakening in Weesdale and Whiteness, and I am sure that is good news. Mr James Adam came to Weesdale two weeks before we left, and I believe that the Lord has blessed his visit; so during that time we were finishing off that house in which you preached all day and building the church in the evenings, at least sometimes building and sometimes quarrying stones. The first night the meetings were held in Weesdale, many were crying aloud in a state of anxiety about their souls, like the people of Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost. At the close of the first meeting, the front seats were emptied, and inquirers were invited to come forward to them, but none came. I was asked to speak. I read Luke xiv. 26, 27, and had spoken only a few words when the Lord seemed to bless; the ice was broken, and these seats were filled at once with anxious souls, and some professed to see the truth and believe. What a blessed privilege to be allowed to speak a word for Jesus! The other nights were almost all equally encouraging, both in Whiteness and in Weesdale. Some souls, I believe, have been really converted. I know a number of intelligent men who seemed to apprehend the truth with wonderful clearness and to find peace in believing. We were privileged to do something for the Master there, and we have been endeavouring to do what we could since we returned home, although we are hardly satisfied with fruit. We are thinking to go south again to hold meetings. We have been asking the Lord to guide and show us what He would have us to do. There seems to be much need for labour, and my desire is to be able to preach Christ to poor perishing sinners. We have been hearing from time to time of the blessing which has attended Mr Adam's preaching. He
has been one of the most eflicient and successful of the Lord's labourers in some parts of Shetland. -British Herald.

"The Revival," January 5th, 1865.

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