Rayne (1860)

For the past twelve months an important religious movement has been going on in most of the parishes included in the Garioch district of Aberdeenshire. The parish of Rayne has been signally favoured. So far as we are aware, no notice of the work in this parish has ever appeared in the public prints, owing doubtless to the quiet and unostentatious manner in which it has been conducted, and also to the fact that none of the better known laymen who have been so much employed, and whose labours have been blessed in other places, have visited this locality.

The minister of the Free Church, Rev. W. Brown, has, however, been favoured from time to time with the assistance of excellent servants of Christ - some belonging to the Presbytery of the bounds, and others from a distance - among whom we may mention Revs. Professor Lumsden of Aberdeen, G. Brown, Free St. Paul's, Edinburgh, and W. T. Ker, Deskford.

Special services were held on Sabbath, the 12th instant, that day being the fourth anniversary of the opening of the Church. Mr Brown, Edinburgh, being on his annual visit to his brother at the Free Manse of Rayne, preached forenoon and evening. The services were able and most impressive. One case of prostration occurred in the evening, and the whole congregation were so deeply affected that scarcely a dry face could be seen. In the afternoon of the following Sabbath an open-air meeting was held on the stance of the famous old market of Wartle, a fine open piece of ground, occupying an elevated position in the centre of the parish, and about a mile distant from the Free Church.

Though this service had not been advertised in the newspapers, it became evident as the hour approached (4 p.m.) that there was to be a large gathering. Numerous parties might be seen converging from all directions towards the stance, and vehicles of every description, from the carriage and pair down to the farmer's common box-cart, were in use.

By the appointed hour not fewer than 2,000 persons had assembled before the platform which had been erected for the speakers. The Rev. W. Brown opened the proceedings by giving out the 100th Psalm, which was sung with thrilling effect. Rev. J. Rennie then led in prayer. Addresses, with praise and prayer intervening, were then delivered by Revs. W. Brown, Rayue; A. Cumming, Meldrum; G. Brown, Edinburgh; J. Rennie, Culsalmond; Dr. M'Killiam, Forgue; and Mr Aiken, Aber-deen. An opportunity was given for private consultation with anxious inquirers in a barn adjoining the stance. This and another barn in the neighbourhood were soon filled, many of the cases being of the most affecting kind.

Throughout the afternoon the greatest solemmity prevailed; and, while the addresses were going on, prayer was being continually offered up by small parties in the surrounding fields and adjacent houses. When the large assemblage dispersed, some of the oldest inhabitants of the place were heard remarking—"There was never such a day as this seen in Rayne; we never expected to see the like of this," &c.

"The Scottish Guardian," August 28th, 1860.

Additional Information

I guess the meeting was around here, but unfortunately I cannot find any record of the Rayne Free Church

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