Cornhill Free Church- James Turner (1860)

James Turner knew he had little time left when he came here.

"I came to Cornhill last night and had a meeting in the Free Church, which was filled to the door. The Spirit was present, and I trust some souls were blessed. I hope this will be a great night. Oh that the mighty power of God may be manifested in plucking sinners as brands from the burning! As regards the state of my body, I put up blood for a whole day last week and was compelled to take two days' rest. Further particulars of the work in Cornhill is thus given in a letter from Macduff:

"I came from Cornhill to this place to take four days' rest. At Cornhill the Master was indeed present, and I believe many precious souls have entered into life. I was four days in it and had hard work, for God gave me strength to speak from twelve to fifteen hours out of the twenty-four. On Saturday night and Sabbath morning, the Spirit's power was particularly present. Many found the Saviour, both old and young. What a sight to see old, grey-headed sinners weeping and laying hold on Jesus. It was nearly five o'clock, A.M., before I got to bed, and that same day I had to preach three times in Banff. At Cornhill I did not meet with a single scoffer, and although the nights were and rainy and the roads bad, many of the people came several miles to hear, so that the Free Church was filled to the door. In this place I have had three meetings and a good many cases of concern. I am not labouring throughout the day, but some anxious souls come to my room. I leave this tomorrow for Gardenstown.

From 'James Turner or how to reach the masses,' by E McHardie, page 32.

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