Tynron (1860-1861)

In the secluded village of Moniaive there arose a great stir for some time. The prayer meetings, which were many, were well attended. One sabbath evening not only the whole village but almost the entire parish flocked together to two meetings – one in the parish school house and the other in the United Presbyterian Church. When meetings were first begun in Tynron, literally the whole village turned out to hear the word of God, with the exception of an infirm old woman, in whose house a prayer meeting was held afterwards, for anxious enquiries alone and which was filled. The revival already underway in both Tynron and Moniave showed signs of reviving as a result of Hammond's visit to the area. Throughout the vale of Glencairn in particular, a most blessed work took place following the American's arrival. In one village, presumed to be Moniaive itself, before Hammond had uttered a word, some had to be taken away in distress of soul. 

From, 'The Reaper and the Harvest', by Rev P C Headley, pages 140-1.

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