Crosshill (1859)

We understand that a religious awakening has manifested itself among the inhabitants of this village. For some time past, a spirit of unwonted seriousness and prayerfulness has been prevailing, but it was only on the evening of Sabbath-week, the 2nd inst., that the present awakening may be said to have commenced. Since that time a considerable number of persons have been aroused and convicted of sin, and not a few of these have had prostrations of body much resembling such cases elsewhere. So great has been the spiritual distress of many, who have hitherto led careless and godless lives, and so engrossing the interest excited all around, that, during the past week, worldly business has been, to a large extent, suspended, and the whole time of many occupied in exercises of a religious nature. The Free Church (in connexion with which this good work has begun) has been thrown open every evening for public worship, and on some evenings, the Established Church also has been similarly occupied. It is worthy of notice, in relation to this movement, that the Rev. Mr M`Lennan, the devoted minister of the Crosshill Free Church, has had, for the last three or four years, open-air services in summer, and Sabbath evening sermons in winter, for the non-church-going population in the neighbourhood—which services are now, doubtless, bringing forth their spiritual fruit.

From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume i, p101.

Additional Information

The Church is closed.

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