Tulliemet Baptist Church (1860)

During the summer and autumn of 1860 the Rev David Grant of the Baptist Church in Tulliemet felt very much cast down in spirit - toiling on week after week, and seeing little or no appearance of good being done. He was however, no less convinced of the lost and hardened state of his fellow creatures around him, than of his own utter inability to arouse or save them. ‘But it pleased the Lord to look in mercy uponus and about the beginning of winter, some persons showed symptoms of concern... My own maidservant was the first that gave evidence of having passed from death unto life’, this being followed by a number of other cases. These were all baptised and added to the church, while over a dozen more people were anxiously inquiring the way to Zion.

From, "Scotland Ablaze," by Tomm Lennie, page 196.

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