Maryhill (1859)

A good work of God appears to have commenced at Maryhill. Some time ago, a little boy belonging to the village visited the north of Ireland with his mother and was there brought under the power of the truth. On his return, he spoke to the boys of his acquaintance, and numbers appeared to be impressed. While he was speaking to his companions one day, another boy came up, and, taking hold of his hand, earnestly exclaimed­" What must I do to be saved ?" The movement, which was thus going on quietly, appears to have received a fresh impulse last week. Mr Wilson, the Free Church minister, had been over in Ireland, and on his return, gave an account in his own church of what he had seen. This seems to have had the effect of directing attention more generally to the subject of religion, and meetings for prayer and exhortation were held in school-houses and private houses last week. The movement has made special progress among the young, and numbers of lads employed in the print-works and other establishments, including the very wildest of the juvenile population, have been meeting together for prayer, and exhibiting concern about the state of their souls. But the agitation is not alone among the young, but is shared by adults, whose distress about their state before God is often so great that they can hardly be persuaded to retire to their own homes after religious exercises have been prolonged to a late hour at night. The Chairman of the prayer-meeting in the Religious Institution Rooms, Glasgow, on Friday, said—" I went out to Maryhill last night with two Christian friends. It is wonder­ful how God is working there. A Christian man, belonging to the Rev. A. Bonar's church, who resides in that neighbourhood, conducted us to a house where, when we entered, they were singing part of the 40th Psalm. There were four in particular in that little room who had been in much distress of mind, but had found the peace of Christ. There were five or six others who were in the greatest distress of mind, and crying most bitterly. There is very little physical manifestation, but the deepest and most overwhelming anxiety."

Wynd Journal, 

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I do not know where the revival took place. If you know, please contact me.

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