Ellon (1861)

On Tuesday open-air religious services were held at the village of Ellon, near the Free Church. The chair was occupied by Sir W. C. Seton, Bart, of Pitmedden, who opened the proceedings by praise, reading the Word, and prayer. Thereafter addresses were delivered by the Rev. Mr Fergusson, of Ellon Free Church; the Ret Dr M'Gilvray, Aberdeen; the Rev. Mr Archibald, Udney, the Rev, Mr Bannatyne, Aberdeen; and a number of the Free Church clergymen; the Rev. Mr Ireland, U.P. Church, Ellon, also taking part in the services; while the Rev Mr Dewar of the Parish Church there, who was friendly to the meeting, was unable from indisposition to be present. The services continued for five hours without fagging, and were again resumed in the evening. During the forenoon audience numbered about 1,000, and deep interest was apparent throughout and not a few under serious impressions were spoken to in the church. Other meetings were held in neighbouring localities on the succeeding day, and an awakened interest in religion has been manifested for some weeks past in Ellon.

"The Wynd Journal," June 22nd, 1861.

Additional Information

The meeting may have been here which is close to the old Free Church.

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