Rousay - Orkneys (1861)

For some time we have had indications that the revival movement, of which we have heard from the isles around was about to visit us also. There has been a gradually growing earnestness among the people, there has been increased anxiety to hear the word and the number of private prayer meetings, as well as the attendance on them, has been considerably augmented. There was no external manifestations, however till the visit of the Reverend Mr Armour last week, which was productive of very remarkable excitement. It was while Mr Armour was engaged in earnest prayer that the first cases of visible awakening occurred and on Thursday night the scene in the free Church equalled, if it did not surpass in excitement, anything that has been witnessed in Sanday or any other of the islands. The Reverends Messrs Armour and Rose continued with the people till the very late hour, directing the awakened and communicating instruction; but they learned next morning that many of the people had spent the whole night in praise and prayer and reading of the Scriptures. The excitement here has been greater than it appears to have been in many other islands.

'Orkney Herald', 28/1/1861.

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