Woodside (1862)

There are many "hungry souls" among us, for whom we ought truly to thank God, knowing that He has promised that if we “hunger and thirst after righteous­ness we shall be filled." In your last number there is mention made of the work of God at Woodside, near Aberdeen. It is still going on steadily and surely. Scarcely a day passes but we hear of souls being made to think of their everlasting welfare, and one after another is rejoicing in Jesus as their Saviour. Truly our Father has "a feast of fat things" for us every day. Men and women, who only a few months or even a few weeks ago were faithfully serving the devil, are now serving Jesus and raising family-altars in their homes. And you may now hear the voice of prayer wafted upwards to God, where before you could not have heard nor seen anything but that which was "of the earth, earthy." Where the songs of Satan were sung with vigour and life, they are now hated, and the glorious songs of Zion are raised and sung with full hearts and burning lips. For these blessed changes we will continue to thank our heavenly Father, and take fresh courage, and still, with the help of his almighty grace, we will persevere in prayer until not one be left out of Christ, but we be all as one family rejoicing in the Lord.—British Herald.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VII, page 117.

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