Fort Augustus (1860)

"We (Fishermen from Findochty) were on the way one year to the far away Highlands - to Loch ___, and were lying at a place they call Fort Augustus. About seven o'clock my brother, James C__, and myself, opened the meeting by singing a hymn and in the course of a few minutes we had a great meeting of men, women, girls, and boys. At the close of it, I never saw so many souls seeking Jesus at once. The first two or three that spoke to us offered us money to stop with them. We told them that we did not want their money; it was not that at all, it was their souls that we wanted. When we came away the quay was crowded, we could scarcely get away; it seemed as if they would have taken us in their arms and kept us. It was the only place where we met with no opposition." 

"James Turner, or how to reach the masses," by E McHardie, page 133.


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Location unknown

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