Egremont (1862)

The following have been kindly handed us by Harrison Ord, regarding a visit lately made to this place:

We have every reason to thank our dear Saviour for what he has done for the dear children who heard your address last Saturday. The girls who formed the group in the centre of the room after the meeting were most of them in my sister's class at the school, and at their own wish, met her on the Sabbath morning, an hour before regular school time, and nine or ten of them professed faith in Christ. I took them for an hour after my sister, and never taught children with greater pleasure in my life: they really drank in every word I said. There is, I am convinced, a real change in the hearts of the girls, far beyond any mere excitement that could possibly be produced. The children, up to last Saturday, always behaved very badly at public worship, and last Sabbath showed a marked change in this respect; and although the sermon in the evening was by no means calculated to get the attention of children most of them listened attentively throughout. 

We have continued the services for children every Saturday afternoon. The Saturday after you spoke, we had a glorious meeting. F. spoke. I think we had at least 200 children present. The Lord was present and blessed the word to many. Last Saturday Charles Stanley addressed the dear children. There were 150 or so present. He spoke with great power for about three-quarters of an hour and afterwards spoke himself personally to nearly everyone in the room. Many were in tears, and not a few professed peace in a risen Saviour.

"The Wynd Journal," June 7th, 1862

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