New Pitsligo (1863)

In the last annual report an account was given of the formation of a new church at New Pitsligo. Its progress has been very satisfactory.

Mr Johnstone writes: At first the hall was ordinarily about half full, but for some months it has been usually, full, and frequently inconveniently so. Three times during the winter, a week's series of nightly meetings has been held in the hall, which has generally been full and numbers been waiting in anxiety for conversation. The church has been about doubled in numbers. In every form there is field here for much more labour than can be bestowed upon it. The Lord has manifestly, been with us. We have much cause to thank Him and take courage. Our weekly prayer meeting is attended by about 70 and a prayer meeting is held at the close of the service on Sabbath evening, to which fully a half of the congregation remains.

"The Revival," July 23rd, 1863.

Additional Information

I do not know where this hall was.

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