Lossiemouth (1860)

A correspondent, writing from Lossiemouth today (Thursday) says:-- Revivalism has at length reached our village, and the most intense excitement, as in other places, prevails. The movement was begun here in the first of this week, by three fishermen from Hopeman; and prayer meetings continue to be held at all hours, by day and by night. Cases of "striking" are common, chiefly among the fishing class, incoherent —and however, as well as prayers - rather incoherent - and the most awe-striking ejaculations imaginable. This is the case both among males and females, from those of adult age down to the lisping child. But since the manifestations at these meetings are similar to those presented at like meetings in other localities, it would be only wasting time to give particulars. On Wednesday evening the U.P. Church was crowded by an eager audience, and the meeting was conducted by the Rev. Mr Vassey from Elgin. Mr Vassey very properly suggested that in the case of females they should restrain their feelings, and from a sense of church at least, refrain from propriety, while in attempting to address the meeting or pray audibly; and we were glad to observe that the most praiseworthy decorum in the circumstances was observed throughout. About midnight, on leaving the church, a large number retired to the Free Church school—Mr Vassey also attending, and there both males and females gave utterance to their feelings and emotions at considerable length. The scene there was most extraordinary, —the shrill piercing shrieks of female voices, the tears and sighs, the mental and physical manifestations, the agonising implorations for mercy, &c. It was not till after three o'clock a.m., that they could be persuaded to disperse quietly to their homes.

"The Scottish Guardian," March 6th, 1860.

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