Bonnyrigg (1861)

In my last communication from this place, I told you, that I believed we were getting the first droppings of that plenteous shower of blessing which the Lord gives in answer to all his praying people.

This week he has manifested his presence amongst us in a very unmistakeable manner. We had prayer meetings every night this week, in the Free Church (Mr Hamilton's), which have been well attended; and after the first meetings were over, a goodly number remained at each meeting to be conversed with.

This evening we had Mr Gall, from Edinburgh, who warned, encouraged, and entreated poor sinners to come to Jesus, who alone can save to the very uttermost all that come unto the Father by Him. After the first meeting was over, all who felt concerned about their souls were requested to remain, when Mr Gall again addressed them on the choice which they had made now to be the Lord's; then he commended them in prayer to Him who is the Good Shepherd, and who laid down His life for the sheep. O what a heart-gladdening sight it was to see the youth of fourteen with persons whose hairs are silvered with the weight of years earnestly looking to be guided to Christ. O may this transaction be ratified in the Courts of heaven and Christ keep them until the resurrection morn.

Mr Hamilton, who is very much alive to this movement, has been unwearied in by his exertions, every night he has been busily engaged, conversing and praying with the anxious. We are to have meetings every night for some time to come yet. The Lord may yet give us a greater outpouring of His Holy Spirit.

"The Wynd Journal," May 4th, 1861.



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