Crieff (1860)

We first halted at Crieff, so well-known to those who frequent the pleasant Hydropathic Institution at Strathearn House. There was a large concourse of people in a field. When Mr Weaver and my husband had spoken, they offered to converse with any anxious ones at a little distance from the platform. Hundreds seemed to follow them across the field; and one old woman, who had been for years seeking peace, when she found rest in Jesus, was so overjoyed that, she could not express her happiness. Mr Macdonald, of Martin's, Perth, told us afterwards that whole families awake all night for joy.

From 'Recollections of Reginald Radcliffe,' by his wife, p93.

Richard Weaver wrote, "We heard of whole families being kept awake all night with joy that salvation had visited their homes."

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