Ecclefechan (1859)

The Rev. Mr M`Kinnon has received a letter from a friend in Ecclefechan, in which occurs the following:—" We have got a blessed shower now. It has begun to descend. We are getting the former rain moderately.' I have a list of more than thirty inquirers. There are many more, whose names I do not know. Some have entered into the joys of God's salvation and the full assurance of faith; others are still anxious. No noise or excitement; not even many tears. Only one person has been struck down; struggle very short; instant peace; just at the loom; good impression the result. There is great joy and love among the few converts—I say few, in comparison to the many in Glasgow. The interest seems to double every week, and the number of inquirers to be increased every day. On Wednesday evening, the whole evening was spent in dealing with the anxious. Eight young women and girls came. How cheering the joy of the saved! how melting the anxiety of the seeking—eight young men and boys! One young man thought he had laid hold on Jesus, but found he was wrong, and almost fell off his seat into my arms. After singing and prayer, he made a partial surrender. O how blessed to have such work to do! I have been so gladdened, that I scarce thought such happiness could have been enjoyed on earth.”

But it is not only in the town, but throughout the whole of Lower Annandale, that the great religious awakening has spread. From Gretna, from Brydekirk, from Ecclefechan, and from the neighbouring districts, crowds of people have come to Annan, and some have walked even ten miles to see the great revivalist. 1861

From the 'Revival' Newspaper Vol i

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