Charleston - James Turner (1859)

"Dec. 6.—I entered the first town on the east coast, St. Combs, containing about 94 families. I had a meeting the first night. About 300 people attended, and, of a truth, God was with us that night. The Spirit of God was present, and the meeting was kept up till a late hour. All the next day I went from house to house and spoke to the people, and at night preached to about 400. The Church was filled. What a night of the power of God! The meeting was kept up until morning. A great many did not sleep that night, neither did I. All the next day I again spent in going from house to house, and at night the church filled at 6 P.M., and my God came down with such power. There is a little place called Charleston close by St. Combs, and I also went from house to house in it. For ten days I laboured in these two places, and God saved young and old, drunkards and fighting men. What a sight to see men of 70 years crying on the streets for mercy ! From 400 to 500 were led to feel their lost estate. What a work of God!

"James Turner or How to reach the masses" by Elizabeth McHardie, pages 21-2.

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