Inverallochy/Cairnbulg - James Turner (1859)

" About a mile and.a half further north are two places called Inverallochy and Cairnbulg, A few 'of the people came over from these places to St. Combs and invited me to come and preach and hold meetings in these towns. When St. Combs was in a way that I could leave it, I went over to them. The number of inhabitants is from 1500 to 2000 and the place I had to meet in held 400. The first two nights there was little fruit. But the third meeting the people felt deeply. The Spirit of God came down on a great many, and God gave me great power."

These were the last words he ever wrote in his little book. When asked by friends to continue the narrative his reply was, "No, How God did attest the rest will afterwards be noticed, meanwhile the story of his wonderful success can still be continued from extracts of his letters as given in the first narrative. It can only be thus. told, however, to a very limited extent, these letters not having been returned, and short extracts merely given from a few of them, but as all deficiencies' can now be abundantly made up• from other sources, the loss of them is the less to be regretted. I have written enough, God will attest the rest."

"Cairnbulg.—I am just about to leave this place for Broadsea. The work of God is progressing both here and at St. Combs more than ever. The place where I preach is too small, and the dear people are coming up an hour-and­ -a-half before the time to make sure of getting a seat. Numbers come to me every day in concern about their own souls, or about the souls of others who, are dear to them. Many have been enabled to give up all for Jesus —even. drunkards are giving up their sin and coining to Christ. If the work goes on the whisky shops will soon be without customers

From 'James Turner or how to reach the masses' by E McHardie, page 22

Additional Information

This strange town is two towns, one on one side of the street, one on the other.

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