Auchterarder (1862)

It may encourage your readers to hear of the blessed work of Revival going on at Auchterarder and surrounding district. Many are aware that it pleased the Lord to pour down on this place last year a refreshing blessing from on high: to Him be all the praise. Truly it does one's heart good to revisit such highly favoured places, to meet with groups of joyful warm-hearted believers, many of whom were only then awakened under the Holy Spirit's teachings, now in Christ their hiding place and having placed themselves in the keeping of their Lord and Saviour, are now zealously working in His cause in gathering in souls to Christ. By the blessing of God, one source of encouragement and help, in carrying forward the good work in this place, has been the abundant labours of the Rev, Mr Milne of Auchterarder, in connection with a band of warm-hearted evangelists. 

"The Wynd Journal," September 6th, 1862.

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