Island of Harris (1860)

A correspondent in Harris writes us of date 4th February current, that " the Spirit of the Lord is evidently at work among the people of that island, and the cry of very many is, What shall I do to be saved? It is exerting its benign influence over the masses of the youths of this island, more especially over those who are designed to be the mothers of the next generation. At Tarbat there is a prayer meeting held every Wednesday evening, presided over by the Free Church catechist, a man of deep Christian experience, and extensive knowledge of the truth, and many come long journeys eager to hear the Word, the place of meeting being invariably crowded. At some of these meetings the congregation become quite excited and cry and sob aloud for salvation. I rejoice to think and hope that this movement among 'the dry hones' will, under the fostering care and guidance of that Divine Spirit by which it is produced, exert such a moral influence over the social customs and habits of the people as will forever banish from our island those scenes of riot and drunkenness to which we have too long been addicted."-Inverness Advertiser.

"The Scottish Guardian," February 14th, 1860.

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