Beith Free Church (1859-1860)

A number of layman started meetings in the free church school room. These soon had to be transferred to the church, which, too, was packed almost to suffocation at times. The movement grew and gathered strength so wonderfully that the other ministers in the town seemed forced to throw in their lot. So unwilling were people to leave the church even at very late hours, that one minister was forced to ask the revivalists to leave his church and call at his house the next morning.

One of the ministers was visiting Dunlop which was in a powerful revival and he observed, "For several nights in succession and without exception, there were weeping penitents from Beith, a great many persons, old and young, of both sexes, church members and others. In one corner of the Dunlop church were about 20 young girls from Beith formed into a little band, rejoicing that they have found the pearl of great price and singing that beautiful hymn, 'there is rest for the weary'. It was a beautiful sight; the light of joy beaming in every countenance and the eye upturned to heaven."

From, Tom Lennie's, 'Scotland Ablaze', pages 117/8.

Additional Information

Probably here, since demolished.

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