James Caughey Sheffield meeting - Carver St (1844)

On Saturday, the 11th instant; I arrived in Sheffield, and was conducted by my kind friend Mr John Unwin, to the house of Mr William Bect, where I received a cheering welcome, and where I have since remained. About sixty persons have been converted here already.

My sudden departure from Huddersfield was sorely against my will. I thought God had sent me there. Perhaps the future may explain it. When I was in Hull, Mr Joseph Webb and Mr Thomas Mallinson came with a special and pressing invitation to visit Huddersfield. My mind was not to go; the more I thought of it, the more averse I felt. I went up to my room, and fell down before God, and inquired, “Shall I go, my Lord?” The following was spoken to my heart: “Go, nothing doubting.” I said, “I shall go, then;” and so the matter was arranged. I afterwards found that many of the good people at Huddersfield had engaged to plead with God for the success of these gentlemen’s mission. The meetings we did hold were crowned with rich blessings from on high, but our purposes were broken off.

Of his first labours in Sheffield we find the following account: We arrived in Sheffield in time to enjoy an excellent prayer meeting in Carver Street chapel


The scene of my labours at present is Carver Street chapel. The work of God is advancing with increased rapidity and power. The first Sabbath we spent in this place of worship, one hundred and sixty-seven persons professed salvation. Since then hundreds have been saved. The work is indeed glorious, beyond anything I have ever seen before in the same space of time. All seriously disposed persons, so far as I have learned, are led to regard it as an extraordinary work of God.


Since the date of my last, the revival has advanced with amazing majesty and power. The scenes have been such as cannot be easily described. I spent from June 4th, till the 5th instant, in Carver Street Chapel. The following extract from a table sent me by one of the secretaries, may give you some idea of the grand and extensive character of the work; so far, at least, as numbers are concerned. But, to have a just view, or a proper conception of the wonderful effects of truth upon the mass of mind therein recorded, and “the differences of manifestation,” in the hour of sorrow and distress; the prayers, tears, and long and bitter cries for mercy, and the joyful and triumphant exclamations of new-born souls, or purified believers, in the glad hour of salvation, would require that you should have been “in the midst of us.” Never have I beheld anything equal to it. O, it was “sublimely grand! “- Grand in its cause, grand in the effects, grand in results, and grand beyond all human imaginings when taken in connection with the grandeur of a coming eternity! But here is the extract:

“The services were continued in Carver Street Chapel from June 4th to July 5th; twenty-eight days inclusive. From the world, 650; appointed to meet in class, thus: West Circuit, 395; East Circuit, 145; not appointed to classes, 56; the remainder were from distant and other churches. Members justified, - West Circuit, 83; East Circuit, 63; other Circuits and churches, 29. Members sanctified, - West Circuit, 181; East Circuit, 98; other churches, 56. Total justified, 825; sanctified, 335. Total, eleven hundred and sixty.”

Taken from 'Methodism in Earnest' at www.revival-library.org

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At the time of writing the chapel is now a bar.

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