James Caughey Birmingham meetings (1846)

He arrived at the mansion of John Wright, Esq., Spark Brook House, Birmingham, on the 6th of December, at the earnest solicitation of the Rev. Alexander Bell, Chairman of the District, and the Rev. George Turner, Superintendent of the Birmingham West Circuit. Five months special services in Birmingham (occasionally interrupted by ill health, Missionary meetings, and a short visit to Huddersfield and Sheffield) resulted in the salvation of between two and three thousand sinners. It was a mighty work and tasked the energies of Mr Caughey to the utmost. Still, he came out of the battle invigorated both in body and mind. The following hasty note, written at the close of the “campaign,” will be interesting for two reasons, - it gives a rapid, lightning-like glance into the intense heart of the writer, and is a fair specimen of the off-hand sort of correspondence he carries on with his bosom friends during the progress of a revival.

“Birmingham, MAY 7, 1846.

“My Dear Brother

“I preached my farewell last night. Tea-meeting for leaders to-night, and tomorrow night. About four thousand two hundred saved, in both blessings. To God be all the praise and glory! My health is better than when I came. This is of God also.

From 'Methodism in Earnest' at www.revival-library.org

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I do not know where these meeting took place.

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