Richard Weaver Buried (1896)

Not long after this Richard Weaver caught a chill and it was soon clear to him that this would be his final illness. He gave instructions for his funeral and his tombstone. An hour before he died, he sent a telegram to the son of a dear friend that said, ‘Just going home shouting Victory.’ He died with his family around him.

Richard Weaver was a man who dedicated his life to prayer, preaching and evangelising. He was a former collier and therefore a preacher for the working man. Thousands came to the Lord through his ministry. Although technically a Primitive Methodist, he would minister wherever he felt God wanted him to go. He gave his time to God, he gave his money to God, he gave his family to God and he gave his health to God. And as a result, what great fruit was poured out through him.

Additional Information

The cemetery closed in 1950, now it is a green space.

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