James Caughey Liverpool meeting - Upper Stanhope (1843)

'We have had “protracted meetings” in two other chapels on the South Circuit: Mount Pleasant, and Wesley chapel, Stanhope street. The former is a small building; in which we had a good work, though I did not enjoy such freedom in preaching there as elsewhere. At the Stanhope street chapel, the word of the Lord had free course, and was glorified. Here my soul enjoyed great liberty, and many sinners were converted to God. Although I had some tribulation to endure, yet so long as no man had power to shut the door of usefulness, I laboured on with joy and success. This is the chapel, in which my kind host and hostess, Mr and Mrs Banning, worship; and I found a large portion of the congregation possessed of the same elevated and enlightened views of the work of God, with which their souls are animated. During my stay in this chapel, more than three hundred sinners obtained remission of sins, through faith in the blood of the Lamb. The last night we spent there, we had a select meeting for the new converts, and it was a most affecting time. Scores of sinners came forward at the close to be prayed for, and a few were saved. My mind was greatly oppressed at leaving this chapel for another part of the town, but the aspect of circumstances clearly pointed out my path.'

From 'Methodism in Earnest' taken from www.revival-library.org.

Additional Information

The church was built in 1827 and demolished in 1970s and the burial grounds shown on the 1908 maps were landscaped. The surrounding wall is all that now remains. The chapel was situated on Chester St between two parts of Upper St. See this link to look at an old map showing the church. http://www.genuki.org.uk/cgi-bin/churches?CCC=LAN,GR=2592. When in site hit 'Old Maps'.

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