James Caughey Rochdale meeting (1860-1861)

The chapel was built by seceders to the Wesleyan Methodist Association. They wanted to do some evangelising of the area, and so invited Caughey. The meetings were advertised in the Rochdale Observer, and 2,000 handbills were printed. At the first service, 24 were justified and 21 sanctified. The leaders kept extending the dates until Whitsun (late April), by when 1,800 had been justified and sanctified. The leadership were very grateful to Caughey and tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade him to return when Caughey returned to England in 1867. From the chapel register it appears that there were few backsliders.

This is taken from 'Holding the Fort' by John Kent, pages 82-87

Additional Information

The chapel was built in 1837 and held 1,800 people. It closed in the 1970's and now no longer exists.

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