Macclesfield New Connexion Methodist Church (1856)


I was still very weak and unable therefore to attend many services, but those which I was present to very blessed times. Perhaps in no town that I had yet visited was there so intense an excitement, such crowded audiences and such large numbers seeking mercy. One striking feature of this revival consisted in the crowds of women from the Silk factories, who attended the meetings and came forward for salvation. It was a touching sight to watch them on their way to the chapel with their shawls over their heads. They were especially kind to me and the baby. Sometimes they would come in troops and sing in front of my windows.

Excerpt from Catherine Booth's Journal/Letters.

From, 'Catherine Booth, Mother of the Salvation Army', by Booth-Tucker, Volume I, page 139.



Additional Information

I am assuming this is where the meetings took place.

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