New Connexion Methodist Chapel, Newcastle-under-Lyme - William Booth (1855)

Feb 5th - Yesterday was more successful than ever as a beginning. Although it rained in torrents, the chapel was crowded, many went away unable to obtain admission. We registered during the prayer meeting 40 names.

Feb 8th -  The work progresses very favourably. Chapels crowded every night - riveted attention perhaps for an hour and a quarter’s sermon then mighty prayer meetings such as you never saw. Last night 67 names were taken.

I do not retire much before 12 on an average — sleep well, rise about 8:30 am, breakfast and walk till dinner, afterwards do my correspondence, read a little and prepare for night, leaving the prayer meeting about 10 — last night they did not leave the chapel until 11:45 pm.

From a letter from William Booth to his fiancee, Catherine. 'Life of General William Booth', by Harold Begbie, Volume I, page 247.


Additional Information

This was built in 1857, I assume as a result of Booth's meetings in 1855.

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