Longton - William Booth (1853)

'Certainly, the work at Longton was very great and the influence very mighty, and if I could have stayed we cannot tell where it would have stayed.' 

200 were saved in 9 days. (I assume this was all in Longton).

'The Life of General William Booth', by Harold Begbie, Volume I page 205.


William Booth was asked by the President of the New Connection to minister here.

Jan 8th - 'Yesterday was a grand day - at night I suppose 50 or 60 penitents. Large congregation and deep interest. 

Jan 10th - The revival is progressing with mighty power and influence. Several very interesting cases have transpired — and some important persons have been converted. We are working more by rule and with more order than I have ever attempted before. We had two persons in the vestry, one a grey-headed old member and the other a young man converted on Sunday, a clerk of Mr Robinson’s; these take the names of the iH-persons who find salvation in a book ruled on purpose in columns headed, “Name” “Address." Whether a member before, if so of what class or church? Whether they will meet in society with us, if so in what class? Whether they prefer any other church, if so which? Whether married or single, and other remarks. Then one or two persons are stationed around the communion rail who take the persons into the vestry, and thus you see we are doing what we can and as well as we can. We have taken down about 140 names and a great number of persons are under deep conviction. The congregation last night was very large and we are expecting the chapel crowded tonight. I am very sorry that many of the more respectable of the seat-holders keep aloof — it is an important matter when the head of a family not only refuses to come but exerts his influence to keep others away likewise. It is so with many, I fear, here. Mr Boycot came to see me last night and told me of one family in the chapel all of whom, father, mother, sons, and daughters (young men and young women ) were under deep conviction. But they went away resisting, at least undecided, I hope to come back again and find mercy, 

From The Staffordshire Sentinel.

Zion Chapel, Longton. A series of revival services have been held in the above-named place of worship. On Wednesday 3rd the Rev. Wm. Booth of London preached and continued the services each evening until 10th. The effect of the Revd. gentleman’s preaching was truly astonishing; his view of the Christian religion was clear, his delivery powerful, melting his audience to tears; a hallowed influence pervaded the assemblies congregated to hear him during his stay in Longton. The effect of his eloquence tells amazingly. He reminds his hearers of J B. Gough; with every argument, he carries conviction to the heart. His glowing language, his startling incidents, his appeals to the judgment of his hearers are of no ordinary character, and the impression made upon his auditory will not be readily effaced and the happy results of his labours is an accession of about 150 members to the church.

Jan 16th - The work is proceeding with mighty power at Langton, about 40 have been converted since I left. 

'The Life of General William Booth', by Harold Begbie, Volume I, page 233-7.

Additional Information

Here stood Zion Chapel, part of the New Connexion Methodists. I am assuming this is where William Booth preached.

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