Nottingham New Connexion Methodist Church (1856)

William Booth, 30th November 186

My native town. Concerning this place, I must confess I have entertained some fears. Being so well-known and remembering that a prophet is not without honour save in his own country, I had dreaded the critical hearing of those for whom I had in my youth contracted that reference which in afterlife perhaps never fully leaves us. However, my confidence was in my message and my trust was in my master.

A little later

I concluded in a most satisfactory manner. About 740 names have been taken and on the whole, the success has far exceeded my expectations and has been a cause for sincere gratitude. My great concern is for the future. Oh, that preachers and people may permanently secure the harvest and go on to still greater and more glorious triumphs!

Catherine Booth, 15th December 1856

The work here exceeds anything I have yet witnessed. Yesterday the chapel, which is a very large one, seating upwards of 1200 people, was full in the morning and at night hundreds went away unable to get in. It was so packed that all the windows and doors had to be set wide open. 67 came forward in the prayer meeting.

The movement has taken hold of the town. The preacher and his plans are the topics of conversation in all directions. Numbers of William’s old Wesleyan friends come and the infidels are mustering their forces. The Mayor and Mayoress, with a family of fine young men, are regular attendants and stayed to the prayer meeting the other night. The folks seem as if one of the old prophets had risen or John the Baptist come again. It is so different from the ordinary routine. I never saw so respectable an audience and yet one so riveted in their attention. How ready the Lord is to work when man will work too!

From, 'Catherine Booth, Mother of the Salvation Army', by Tucker-Booth, Volume I, pages 144-5.

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