William Haslam - Golant (1854)

In 1854 Haslam went on a mission to Golant and revival broke out there as well. There was much opposition from the Anglican vicars and so the blessing in the surrounding areas largely went to the Methodist chapels. One senior churchman wrote a letter to his parishioners in which he warned them against revivals in general and Haslam in particular. There was a High Churchman at the Golant meetings who wanted Haslam to come and talk to him and when the pressure of work lessened he went to see him.


At luncheon with the rector and his curate, they discussed what he believed and what he had been experiencing. He spoke about letting down nets to catch men and not to smother and kill them in some church system or by some erroneous teaching. He told them that the church system makes apostolic succession and the sacraments the channel of salvation whereas the truth is that salvation is found through the Word of God as applied by the Holy Spirit. They discussed the matter for hours without coming to an agreement. Finally, the rector asked him to dine with them and took Haslam upstairs to wash. On entering the room the rector closed the door behind him and confided that he knew that Haslam was right. They prayed together and he believed the rector had found peace but with educated men it was always more difficult to tell. The problem still exists today as the educated always have to reason through everything instead of just accepting truth. Over dinner the rector announced that he was converted and invited Haslam to preach in his church on Sunday. Revival broke out in the area and the curate soon became converted as well but the rector’s wife remained resistant.