William Haslam Preached - Mithian (1852)

Haslam preached on the lawn of this house. The building is now the Rose-in Vale Hotel. The house was owned by a miner called Oates who became a mone captain. Although he owned this large house he and his wife only lived in two of the smaller rooms.

Haslam preached but he felt he could not hold the attention of the people so he had no after-meeting. When asked why he said 'Ah! Because there is no power.' He was particularly disturbed by three coast-guard men who were behaving badly, laughing all the time. Three years later he met one of these men who told Haslam 'I don't know why we laughed and made fun, for we all of us felt your words deeply and went home to pray; and a few days afterward we were all three converted.'

The lesson here is that it does not matter how we feel, it only matters what Holy Spirit is doing.