Christ Church, Barnet - William Haslam (1878)

The tide of blessing has once more revisited Barnet, recalling to many minds the happy and blessed seasons of refreshing in the early Barnet Conferences, from which the present Mildmay Conference took its source. The Vicar of Christ Church, the Rev. H. Joy Browne, had for some time been planning a special evangelistic effort, and Mr Haslam was invited to conduct the services. These consisted of Bible and inquiry meetings every day at noon in the Free School, Union-street, and evening services with after-meetings in Christ Church. From the first the meetings were largely attended, no other very immediate or marked results being observed. Soon, however, it became evident that the whole place was being stirred. Numbers who had evidently scarcely ever been in a place of worship before flocked to hear the glad tidings of salvation. Anxious faces betokened hearts that had been pricked by the arrows of conviction, and soon there were many earnst and importunate seekers after salvation. What had been originally planned for a week of services had to be prolonged to a fortnight, to be further extended by occasional meetings. A blessed and abundant outpouring of the Spirit has been vouchsafed, and Christians on all sides are rejoicing, not only at the salvation of others but in their own increased light and liberty. On Friday, October 11th a meeting for praise was held in the large Christ Church school rooms, which were densely thronged. Such a gathering has perhaps never been seen even in Barnet. Note after note of thanksgiving arose from pardoned and emancipated hearts. Mr Haslam is expected to return to Barnet on Tuesday, Oct. 21. Mr Blackwood also holds a meeting on Thursday, the 17th.

"The Christian," October 24th, 1878