Lowestoft Beach - William Haslam (1864)

Suffolk and Lowestoft are deeply impressed upon my memory for many blessings vouchsafed. When God manifests His presence with power, then places and subjects take hold of the heart and compel the memory to retain them. Thus it is that I can never think of the beach of Lowestoft without remembering, not only the Bethel, but the Bible-readings on the sands. I do not forget my little band of willing labourers, who worked so bravely with their wooden spades, and who cheerfully made a broad pit with a bank all round for my company to sit upon. The sweetness of the words which we considered from time to time, and the thrilling sensation when God applied them to us by His power and presence, are indelibly fixed upon my mind. I often meet people in my journeys, even now, who say, "Do you remember Lowestoft beach?"

From, 'Yet not I', by William Haslam, page 196.