Wheatley Hill Mission Chapel (1905)

Spennymoor. It is time now for a Revival in the North of England. But its origins as I said in a previous letter, is attributable to the reports GOLEUAD. In Spennymoor, the united noon prayer meetings in Welsh are carried forward from December. There are well over a hundred converts, and this is a fairly small Welsh church. But we expect and believe that the large shower is close, and they will come by the hundreds. But what has upset me is that the English went before the Welsh although it had started among the Welsh. Not because I do not like seeing the Englishmen come, but more the need to see the Welshmen. But yesterday I had the satisfaction of seeing the Welsh saved with the English. I was preaching in Wheatley Hill and at the end of the Welsh meeting I went there, and the first thing I had to do was try to help the people to Jesus Christ. The meeting was too sacred to try to describe it. 60 came on Sunday night, 48 on Saturday, 164 since the start of the week. I am love seeing her like this, talk of 'emotion' in Wales: the people of all nationalities in this country are carried by their feelings, and how wonderful to see those who have been for so long in the nets of sin and Satan being set free, and come to Jesus Christ. I saw wonderful things in Rhos and Manchester, the week before; but immeasurably more at the Wheatley Hill meetings. Seeing men and women coming in threes and fours together to give themselves to Jesus Christ!

  Goleuad - 24th March 1905.                                                                                                          


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