Bangor University (1905)

In the course of a smoke-room conversation at Bangor University college last week, among half a dozen of the students, one of them touched on the subject of the revival, expressing the opinion that it was a real thing. A second student thereupon started a hymn tune, another prayed, and ere long hymns and prayers were in full swing. The singing attracted other students, and presently the smoke-room was crowded to its utmost capacity. The students cut lectures and remained in this impromptu prayer-meeting from 11 to 1:30. In the afternoon from 300 to 400 of the students attended a prayer-meeting at one of the chapel school-rooms, at which five lady students in turn engaged in prayer. At night the students formed a procession and marched, singing, through the streets to the Tabernacle, the largest chapel in the town, which was soon filled with a fervent crowd of worshipers. The interest of the students is remarkable, as hitherto they have, as a body, manifested no particular interest in the revival.

From, 'The Great Revival in Wales,' by S B Shaw, page 109.

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