Hengoed Welsh Baptist Chapel (1904-1905)

'...In the evening the chapel was packed. The Rev E W Davies began to preach, and when he was almost overcome with emotion, the whole congregation burst into song, which was continued for some time... Several confessed Christ.' From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 28th December 1904.

Sunday the 5th of the present month will be a day long remembered in the history of the ancient church of Hengoed. The church with its amiable minister Mr Evans has received an abundance of the true fire of the Welsh Revival, and a great number have surrendered to the Redeemer of the world. On the above date, 30 followed the example of their Savior through the watery grave, and it is expected that about 40 will be admitted to full membership at the next communion. O happy day, to see the father and son of two families, and three brothers and a sister from another family among the baptised, and certainly no one ever baptised after our Forerunner so sound in the faith and in more pleasant circumstances, many in tears, and the large crowd doubling and trebling [= singing the same hymns two or three times over], We are determined to continue with prayer and work, for there are many souls still in this area who have not felt the claims of Jesus on them to the extent of giving themselves to Him. We will venture great things for God and we expect great things from God.

17th February 1905, Seren Cymru

Additional Information

Bydd Sabboth y 5ed cyfisol yn ddiwrnod a hir gofir yn steadily eglwys henafol Hengoed. Mae yr eglwys gyda'i hoffus weinidog Mr Evans wedi derbyn gradd helaeth o dan gwir Ddiwygiad Cymru, a chynnifer wedi ildio i Brynwr byd. Ar y dyddiad uchod dilynodd 30 esiampl eu Ceidwad trwy y dyfrllyd fedd, a disgwylir y bydd oddeutu 40 yn cael eu derbyn i gyflawn aelodaeth y cymmundeb nesaf. Carmarthenshire Anturiwn bethau mawrion dros Dduw, a disgwyliwn bethau mawrion wrth Dduw.

17th February 1905, Seren Cymru

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