Moriah Welsh Independent Chapel - Bedlinog (1905)

Whatever the facilities with the outside, it is obvious that Bedlinog has been swept by as strong a current of the revival as most villages, for it may be said that the “fire” permeated the inhabitants almost immediately after the outburst at Loughor. During the last two months meetings of marked ardour have been held daily, and among the 155 converts are persons whose former delight was in the region of gambling and intemperance. Mr Evan Roberts’s visit had been expected with no small amount of solicitude, and his arrival from Treharris between one and two o’clock to-day was greeted by a large proportion of the populace. Services had been held in the morning at the different chapels, and Moriah Welsh Congregational Chapel (where the evangelist was to attend in the afternoon) was crowded to its fullest capacity long before two o’clock, at which hour the service was announced to begin. Among those seated in the “set fawr” were Mrs C. G. Dennis (a lady from America) and her son preacher of eleven summers. Little Lawrence addressed the vast audience in a sweet voice upon the efficacy of prayer, “but prayer,” the little one added, with childlike emphasis, “must be saturated with faith, without which there could be no salvation.” The service was characterised by the greatest fervour, and many converts were made.

From, 'The Western Mail', 20th January 1905.

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