Saron Welsh Congregational Chapel - Aberaman (1905)

United prayer meetings are constantly held in the various places of worship here and are attended with gratifying results. At a meeting at Saron Welsh Congregational chapel, the pastor said, ‘Bretheren, Satan is here: there are too many of you listening to the prayers, instead of praying yourselves; there should be only one hearer of prayers here tonight.’ Instantly another man was on his feet, and he asked the congregation to kneel for a few minutes in silent prayer. The whole congregation knelt down in response, and a solemn hush fell over the whole assembly. Then a clear voice of a man was heard an audible prayer, and shortly there were at least eight people praying in different parts of the building, the invocations being punctuated with ‘Amens’ from the congregation. As the prayers continued the responses of the congregation rose higher and higher and ultimately broke forth into song, the familiar hymn, ‘Diolch Iddo’ filling the chapel.

From, 'The Aberdare Leader', 3rd December 1904. On Sunday evening at Saron Chapel, Aberaman, the Rev. H. P Jenkins, pastor, had just commenced his sermon when he was stopped by the enthusiasm of the congregation, who broke forth in prayer and song, and during the meeting 10 joined the church.

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 17th January 1905.

Additional Information

Not used as a chapel now.

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