Calvary English Baptist Church - Treforest (1905)

From, 'The Western Mail', 6th February 1905. Mr Evan Roberts was unable to fulfil his engagement at Nelson on Friday, February 3, in consequence of an attack of nervous prostration. Acting upon the advice of Dr H.L. Hughes, Llwyn-wern, Dowlais, he remained in bed at Aelbryn, Dowlais, where he was staying and where many messages of sympathy were received. During Saturday and Sunday Mr Roberts steadily improved, and was desirous of fulfilling his engagement at Treforest, but his doctor thought it advisable for him to husband his strength a little longer. Consequently, his engagements at Treforest on Sunday, Taff’s Well on Monday, and Pentryroh on Tuesday were all abandoned. The keenest regret was evinced in each of the places but, notwithstanding the absence of Mr Roberts, very successful services were held. At Nelson the crowds had to be regulated by the police; at Treforest enthusiastic and very largely attended meetings were held throughout the day. The morning meeting was held at Calvary Baptist Chapel and was conducted by Miss Annie Davies and Miss Mary Davies, whilst “Awstin” and the Rev. E. Lewis (the pastor) took part. One speaker stated that he had come from the Rocky Mountains, whilst another said he had come from the United States. A solicitor from Carlisle remarked that the people in “this England of ours” would be better and happier “if they paid their debts.” An elderly gentleman from Devonshire stated that showers of blessing had already fallen there, and he then engaged in prayer on behalf of distant places. A gentleman from Holyhead explained that his sister and himself were working among the poor people of that place, and added that he had had a letter from his home in which it was stated that one drunkard had been converted and that whilst another man was holding a glass of wine in his hand and mockingly wishing success to the revival he fell down dead. “Awstin” spoke as to the mass of correspondence, which Mr Evan Roberts had received, and explained that he (“Awstin”) had been privileged to see some of it. Letters had come from Italy, Spain, France, Americas, and Norway, whilst Mr Spurgeon had told him, when on a visit to Pontypridd recently, that the blessings of the revival had even reached China. He (“Awstin”) was sure that they all sympathised with Mr Roberts in his illness, and hoped that he would soon be strengthened to carry on the great work, which he was now accomplishing in Wales. Miss Annie Davies sang very effectively “Dyma garid fel y moroedd,” whilst Miss Mary Davies addressed the meeting. At Taff’s Well very successful meetings were conducted by Mr Dan Roberts, brother of Mr Evan Roberts, who was assisted by Miss Maggie Davies (Maesteg) and Miss S A Jones (Nantymoel). The services were remarkable for the deep feeling of devotion, which prevailed throughout. Many conversions were recorded. From, 'The Western Mail', 6th February 1905.

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