St David's Church - Rhymney (1904)

The Rev. Daniel Fisher (Vicarage, Rhymney, Mon.): “I may say that we have not had a visit from one of the ‘Revivaists’ in this parish. We have carried on Revival meetings in a very orderly manner, but with wonderful effect. One old man told me that he never witnessed such meetings in Rhymney Church before. When I was going around the congregation to see if any prodigal had returned, old people over sixty years of age were weeping like little children, on their knees. When the Revival commenced in the west, I called the parishioners together for prayer on Monday, November 21, and on the following Saturday we had hundreds of people in Church. We continued the meetings every evening for the following fortnight, and God blessed us in a special way, for we have received seventy-one names to join the Church, all adults and over sixteen years of age—the majority are over forty years; out of these about thirty-three have never been confirmed. The midnight service on December 31 was turned into a Revival meeting, and five persons gave in their names. I dare say we had about 900 present in church. We have devoted this week (January 1-8) again for prayer. Our prayers at these meetings are definite; they are offered up for particular persons in the parish, and some of these have given in their names, others have been keeping away, others are entreating us to pray for them. Two of these old men were in church last Sunday evening. So we are looking forward for still greater blessings.”

From 'Church and People' magazine.

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