Ebenezer Baptist Church - Abertillery (1905)

"The tide here has been very high," said a local pastor at Abertillery on Wednesday to our representative. Prayer meetings had been held for several weeks past at the different churches, with the result that over 1,000 are estimated to have joined church communion or declared for Christ. There was a crowded meeting at Carmel Chapel on Wednesday morning preliminary to the visit of Mr Sidney Evans and his co-missioners and after a meeting of much warmth, several were added to the list of converts. The afternoon gathering was held at Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, and at 2.00pm a full congregation awaited the arrival of the missioners from Newbridge. After an enthusiastic service of praise, Mr Evans appealed to those present that if they felt the least inclination either to pray, sing, read, or to make a public confession of Christ, to do so at once - do as they were prompted by the Spirit of God. "O, thou fount of every blessing" was heartily sung by the congregation, one of whom rose and earnestly prayed that "every mind might be solemnised, and that everyone might be made to feel that Christ was there. "Draw very near just now," pleaded the supplicant amidst a chorus of "Amen." Several worshippers prayed fervently for fathers and mothers, the local shop assistants, Abertillery, the Principality and the world. A touching confession of Christ was made by a young man in the gallery, after which the meeting broke forth into, "O, Lord, send the power just now." "The power is here," intervened the missioner; "sing not send, but rather make me feel the power," and he warmly appealed in both languages to all to seek salvation. After the reading of a portion of Scripture, "Crown Him" was sung over and over again... (Over 20 declared for Christ). From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 6th January 1905. Although Mr Sidney Evans and his co-workers were at Abertillery only on Wednesday and Thursday, there is no diminution of interest. On Sunday all the chapels were packed, and in some cases overflow meetings were held. There was an exchange of pulpits among Free Church members, but generally sermons were dispensed with and meetings after revival form were held... There was a large 'ingathering' at all the chapels, the most striking sucesses being the following: - Cwm-street Primitives 69; Blaenau street Baptists 35; Ebenezer Baptists 23; Cwmtillery Primitives 20; Salvation Army 38. The total for the day was 200, making a grand total for Abertillery (town only) of between 1,400 and 1,500.

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 7th January 1905.

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