Bethesda Chapel - Amlwch (1905)

New members continue to come in here (Amwlch), and the revival spirit is especially noticeable at Capel Mawr. About 80 were received there in a short time. The same night 21 were received at Penuel chapel, Borth. It is said the most successful meetings are amongst the women and young people.

From, 'The Wrexham Advertiser', 18th March 1905.

…Writing as I do now at Evan Robert’s second meeting, surrounded by twelve hundred excited people who rend the air with their shouts of ‘Hallelujah!’ I confess to have lost every shred of doubt I may have entertained as to the reality or extent of the revival in the North, and I wish unreservedly to withdraw a recent phrase I used in describing the North Walian temperament. There is nothing phlegmatic about these Northerners here tonight. For two hours before Evan Roberts arrived I have witnessed in this crowded chapel at Amlwch a series of scenes for sheer deliriousness has not been exceeded in all my experience of this revival of religion in Wales. The spirit of curiosity that was apparent last night has vanished, and the revival is now in full force. It is 7.10pm. Evan Roberts came in 15 minutes ago… Looked at from the pulpit the congregation is one seething mass – weeping, smiling, singing, praying, all at the same time. It is as if endowed with tongues, for, however conflicting the emotions may be, each man seems understood of his neighbour, and there is some indefinable charm and harmony in this ecstatic outburst of a thousand hearts…

Miss Mary Roberts recites the parable of the Prodigal Son, punctuating it with telling and picturesque comments in English. Truth to tell her audience would have preferred to hear her in Welsh. The Rev, John William tests the meeting and half a dozen converts are found, but there are many refusals again tonight and this brings the revivalist at last to his feet with a solemn appeal to the stubborn ones. Did they realise the gravity of their act? Let them tonight in the quietness and privacy of their bedroom look God in the face and tell Him, ‘I refuse Thy Son? An earthly father could not unmoved see his so despised and trampled upon. God smote His well-beloved Son, -but woe unto other who thought to do so. Had they more regard for their bodies than their souls? The grave was the goal of the one, the other had eternity awaiting it. To those that refused, he would say let them. If they dared take the whip from the soldier’s hand and scourge the Son of Man, let them crown Him with the crown of thorns and spit in the Divine face. The second test produces another batch of converts and among them one in ten of those who had refused to yield the previous evening. This announcement throws the audience into a delirious delight.

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 8th June 1905.

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